• Mission -

    The WJPA is the recognized representation for WestJet Encore pilots committed to enhance and enrich the lives and professional interests of our pilots through open and honest communication with the leadership team.


  • Vision -

    WestJet Encore pilots are a unified group of leaders committed to safety, productivity and professionalism that drives our culture and success.


Executive Team

First Officer Kristal Chopp- Treasurer

Kristal was born and raised on a farm in Southern Ontario. She began her flying career in 2002 for a small corporate operator. Since that time she has consistently juggled a career in aviation with an intense academic workload; she holds an Engineering Degree from McMaster University, a Law Degree from the University of Western Ontario and an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business.

Captain Chris Kiff - YYZ Encore Base Rep


First Officer Vanessa Griffiths - YYC Encore Base Rep