• Mission -

    The WJPA is the recognized representation for WestJet Encore pilots committed to enhance and enrich the lives and professional interests of our pilots through open and honest communication with the leadership team.


  • Vision -

    WestJet Encore pilots are a unified group of leaders committed to safety, productivity and professionalism that drives our culture and success.


About the WJPA

The WestJet Pilots' Association (WJPA) is the representative body of the pilots employed by WestJet Encore. The WJPA is available for pay issues, scheduling issues, agreement clarifications, dispute resolutions, legal counsel and also acts as the body to engage WestJet Leadership on your behalf.

The WJPA is autonomous from WestJet and works with other Member Associations (MAs) on global issues affecting more than just pilots. The WJPA is governed by the WestJet Pilots' Association (WJPA) Constitution. WestJet Encore pilots have democratic control of the WJPA through member voting on constitutional amendments and election of WJPA Executives.

The WJPA advances our pilot group's goals through a combination of bargaining, negotiating, and influence by leveraging the longstanding relationship of our pilots with our company. This relationship provides real-time access to company decision-makers and has historically provided mutually satisfactory outcomes.